Everbright Exhibition Limited is a comprehensive exhibition service agency operated globally. Since its establishment in 2012, it has focused on the design and construction of exhibition stands in many industry exhibitions at home and abroad. We have brought forth new ideas in our service and expanded our business scope. Besides serving for domestic customers, we have created the innovative channels for overseas customers to construct their exhibition stands in China or the third country, which have revived the sustainable development of the company.

    We have accumulated rich experience for design and construction, especially in the automobile industry, engineering machinery, electrical and mechanical industry, electronic appliances, petroleum, photovoltaic industry, building materials, sanitary industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, food industry, textile industry, daily necessities and so on.

    Everbright welcome you to our company and make greater achievements. In your support, we will achieve continuous progress with our best efforts to the global development of exhibition industry.

  • PV Expo 2020


        PhotoVoltaic Expo is one of the largest B2B trade shows for the international photovoltaic industry. It is an excellent gateway for the entry of companies into the markets of Japan and Asia. It is held together with the PV System Expo and the exhibitors show a wide range of products, materials and production equipment for the industry. The event includes more than 508 exhibitors and 71665 visitors.This event shows products like Silicon Ingot, Wafer, Module Substrates Targets Plastics Filling, Sealing Materials Frame Materials Other Devices/Materials, Cell Measurement Machines, Thickness Gauging Machines Ammeters, Voltmeters, Flow meters Spectral Sensitivity Measurement Machines, Appearance Inspection Equipment Other Evaluation, Testing, Analysis Equipment etc. in the Power & Renewable Energy industry.
  • 第十七届国际检验医学暨输血仪器试剂博览会
  • AWE 2020


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